Grave Line Tours offers a delightfully macabre assortment of general and premium rides to notorious homes and locations for the merely curious and true crime experts alike. Each ride is given in one of our custom six-door funeral Cadillac Fleetwood limousines—our idea of the perfect way to eternally preserve your experience! Tours are immersive and include audio and visual content to enhance the post-mortem experience.*

Our main spooky limo tour, Death Becomes Her, will provide you with a complete and extensive tour of the locations where some of this city’s most infamous tragedies transpired.  A Star is Torn emphasizes the fatal loneliness, secret lives and isolation belying the Hollywood Dream for so many who’ve “made it”. For those brave enough, you may also venture into one of our premium limo rides, one taking a dark, dark dive into Manson Family Murders or—for those with the steeliest of stomachs, Hollywood Horror Story: the Black Dahlia.

Each of the rides will begin and – if it ends – end at Ovation Hollywood, the entertainment complex at the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Highland Ave. Your driver and guide shall gather there today and on other days in front of the miniature HOLLYWOOD sign in the main court of the complex (at the foot of the gigantic archway).

* Smart phone with internet access required to access visual content.

Are you, or someone you want to tour with, intrigued by scary, spooky content, but also slightly faint of heart when it comes to true HORROR??? No probem, we got you! We devised an “incisive” knives ratings guide to help mourners get a better idea of how gruesome each ride is; the more knives a tour has, the grislier you can expect it to be!

🔪  One knife: NGL this is not gonna be entirely pleasant, but it’s as tame as it gets. You get to hear some disturbing crime scene situations, and learn about a handful of deranged human beings, but the nightmare levels should be pretty minimal.

🔪🔪 Two knives: Where you’ll want to start to slow your roll. The seasoned true-crime-obsessed among you will not hesitate to experience a ride on this level of darkness, but the rest of you might wonder what is wrong with us. Crimes can be unusually upsetting and you will start to see blurred-out crime scene and autopsy photos popping up in your supplemental materials. Obviously you don’t have to unblur the images, but let’s face it, can your curiosity really resist…?

🔪🔪🔪 Three knives: here is where you’ve just left Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and hopped into California Screamin’. Prepare to be terrified, and maybe have your stomach jump into your throat once or twice (not to worry, our drivers carry sick bags!). In other words, if you don’t love gore, don’t do the tour.

True Crime Sightseeing Limo Tour

🔪🔪 • 2 hrs. • Meet at Ovation Hollywood

Los Angeles is the perfect city for tragedy. Seedy lots and haunted hotels of Downtown; scandals winding along Sunset Blvd; and the secretive estates of Beverly Hills serve as the backdrop for dreams gnarled in on themselves. See all the wrong homes at the right time to visit (afterwards).

Janis Joplin’s Fatal Hotel Room
Visit the hotel of the crime scene—see the exact unit—where legendary singer Janis Joplin died from a heroin overdose!

River Phoenix’s Final Night Out
Pass the fatal Hollywood nightclub where River Phoenix spent his last night on Earth, and drive by the sidewalk where his brother Joaquin called 911.

Michael Jackson’s Sleepy Chateau
Gaze upon the fairy tale chalet in which Michael Jackson was administered his fatal dose of propofol!

The Menendez Mansion
See the terrifying wing of the Beverly Hills estate where Lyle and Erik Menendez violently executed their parents!


Your limo tour will escort you through Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills + the Sunset Strip.

True Crime Sightseeing Limo Tour

🔪 • 2 hrs. • Meet at Ovation Hollywood 
Countless souls flock to Southern California for their chance to make it big in Tinseltown. But few truly understand the true, terrifying human costs exacted by fame and fortune. Unfortunately more than some of our brightest stars found this out the hard way. Come, relive the last nights spent in this world by icons and legends in all their gruesome horror!

Marilyn’s Ghostly Return
Get better acquainted with the hotel where Marilyn’s reflection stubbornly persists in the mirror she used.

Biggie’s Assasination Point
Visit the exact spot where the Notorious artist was ruthlessly taken out.

George Michael’s Scandalized Toilet
See the soiled restroom where pop icon George Michael was arrested for “lewd behavior”!

Whitney’s Sad Hotel Room
Pass by the hotel where the one and only checked in but did not manage to escape alive.


Your limo tour will escort you through Hollywood, Hancock Park, Beverly-Fairfax, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood + the Sunset Strip.

True Crime Sightseeing Premium Limo Tour

🔪🔪🔪 • 3 1/2 hrs. • Meet at Ovation Hollywood

Who was Charles Manson? What drove him to conspire to commit the heinous atrocities he is responsible for? And why, almost a century later, does the creepy cult and its murders continue to fascinate us? On this ride, the dark world of Charles Manson and “the family” will be revealed. You’ll learn about some of the beautiful and special souls whose flames were extinguished too soon by this cowardly rat.

George Spahn Movie Ranch
Drive out to see where the Spahn Movie Ranch, and temporary home to the Manson cult, stood.

Cielo Drive
Where it all happened. Visit the location where Sharon Tate and her friends were diabolically annihilated.

Leno & Rosemary La Bianca House
You will visit the exact home where the Manson Family struck on the second night of their evil escapade.

The Last Supper
Visit the same restaurant where Sharon Tate, Jay Sebring, Abigail Folger and Wojciech Frykowski had their last meal on Earth.


Your limo tour will escort you through Hollywood, Beverly-Fairfax, Beverly Hills, Sherman Oaks, Chatsworth + Los Feliz.

True Crime Sightseeing Premium Limo Tour

🔪🔪🔪 • 3 hrs. • Meet at Ovation Hollywood

The most famous cold case in Los Angeles history, and probably the country. It could not be more alluring if penned by Raymond Chandler himself: enigmatic everygirl from middle America comes to Hollywood to pursue dreams of the silver screen. Falls in with the wrong crowd. Recovered a week later in South L.A. as a barely recognizable, barbarically mutilated corpse. Travel in time back to the golden days of Hollywood, trace The Dahlia’s final known movements and get to know the poor tragic human submerged beneath an ocean of myths, misconceptions and innuendo.

Frank Lloyd Wright House
Pass by the eerily scary Aztec-style house of secrets where one of the leading suspects lived, and possibly took the lives of others—

Norton Ave & 39th
Her exceptionally mutilated corpse was found in this then-vacant “Lovers Lane” lot that was awaiting the building of the very house now standing in the city today.

Chancellor Hotel-Apartments
The last known residence of the nomadic victim…see if you get a glimpse of someone in her aged Hollywood window pane.

Hotel Cecil
Because what L.A. tragedy would be complete without the insidious force behind this verifiably evil building! May be the last place The Dahlia was seen alive.


Your limo tour will escort you through Hollywood, Los Feliz, Downtown LA, South Inglewood, Leimert Park and the Crenshaw Corridor.

FAQs - Forever And-ever Queried

We offer a 100% refund for customers that contact us at least 24 hours in advance of their scheduled departure. Cancellations with fewer than 24 hours notice will not be issued a refund.  No shows including those that arrive late for their departure time will be charged 100% without rescheduling option. (Hey! Allow PLENTY of time to get to your meeting spot!)

There is ample parking at our meeting spot, the Ovation Hollywood center. For information on directions and parking rates, please visit their site directly. Grave Line Tours does not validate as of now, but there are several frighteningly wondrous shops, theaters and eateries you may find yourself grimly seeking out before or after your ride.

Our six-doors limousines are built to comfortably seat 8 passengers, in addition to your kind guide.

Our three hour (/plus) premium tours have a (restroom) break, but all others do not. Please plan accordingly!

Almost nothing can stop our limos from cruising the city! Nothing, except official flood warnings, in which case mourners will have the option to reschedule or receive a full refund. 

Parties of sizable groups may arrange advance pickup by contacting us directly, and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Tours for individual living guests begin and end at Grave Line specified departure locations only. However, the dead may come and go as they please.

As long as your family loves the sick and twisted—and we know many that do!— the tours will be a great family bonding activity. If you have young children, however, or are easily upset by disturbing content, we recommend trying a ceramic painting store or a fun trampoline day.

We would refer you to our knives ratings 🔪 when deciding which tour is right for your particular group, and it was devised to assist mourners who may have some interest in murder and paranormal touring, but not necessarily limitless.

No. Explicit and graphic visual content will be optional viewing for each passenger. However, some of the aural descriptions in our scripts are violent and graphic in nature so if you are sensitive to gore we recommend against attending our premium rides (Manson/Dahlia). We would once more refer you to our knives ratings 🔪 when deciding which tour is right for you and your beloved ones.

Yes! If you feel a breeze it may be our air conditioning OR it may be a cold dead spirit, you be the judge!  We’ll run the A.C. but do keep in mind there may be up to 9 bodies and this is Southern California so dress accordingly. We chose the make, model and year of our vehicles after extensive consumer research. Among our top criteria was solid, icy AC for the hot summer months for which Fleetwoods are famous. That said, please bear in mind that what was considered powerful auto AC in the 1990s is not what today’s new car owners are accustomed to.

We are committed to providing full accessibility to customers in wheelchairs and we do not discriminate on the basis of physical disability nor for any other reason. All of our tours are fully accessible to those able to transfer into the seating available in our limos.  However, we do advise you to notify us of any special requirements at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled departure time, so we can make a note of it on your reservation and make adequate arrangements for your comfort and convenience. 

Unfortunately not. Only bottled water with caps is permitted on the ride. During the 3 hour premium tours passengers will be given an opportunity to purchase refreshments and roam freely outdoors.

We politely request passengers to refrain from smoking and drinking on Grave Line tours. Our drivers are expert tour guides, professionally trained to provide you with a safe and interesting tour.  We adamantly respect our drivers’ right to manage their tours to maximize both the safety and the experience for all of the passengers. Therefore, we reserve the right to refuse rides to customers whose behavior may impact the experience for other passengers. AT THE SOLE DISCRETION OF THE DRIVER, passengers deemed to display excessively disruptive behavior will be called an Uber and asked to exit the vehicle to meet up at the end of the tour. 

SOMETIMES!!!! In order to pack your tour with as many casualties, ghouls and mysteries possible, the limo has to keep moving! That said, your kind chauffeur will release you from your captivity once or twice, for a few breaths, depending on how smitten they are (or, rather, are not) by you. However, the windows in your limo are eerily large to better enable you to view—and photo the locations (selfie too). 

Our longer premium tours (Manson + Dahlia), of course, unshackle you for more than mere moments.

We take COVID-19 precautions extremely seriously at GLT. Intimacy is one of the unique selling points of a Grave Line Tour. You will be in close quarters with your driver as well as the other bodies being transported. We cannot legally require our drivers to be vaccinated; however if you prefer to be on a tour given by one who is let us know and we will finalize arrangements! (It may, however, result in a different tour than your first choice—luckily they are ALL great!) Because guides speak during the tour, they will not be masked unless/until requested to do so by a passenger.

We are rigorous in our preventative measures. Each vehicle is sanitized, disinifected, vacuumed and wiped down between tours. Passengers will be able to raise and lower windows at will. As with any transmissible disease we ask that symptomatic passengers self-confine and would be glad to reschedule your tour (respecting the 24 hour cancellation period).

You do not need to tip your guide. Our guides do not conduct tours primarily for money; they each love the subject matter and are passionate about sharing this “spirit” with the general public. However, it’s kind to give a gratuity if you enjoyed the tour and you thought the guide did a good job. Grave Line Tours set tour prices to ensure guides are appropriately compensated for their time. As such they do not rely on tips from tours, but appreciate them greatly.

If you would like to thank your guide though an alternate gesture than tipping, you can leave a thoughtful review of your tour on Google Reviews, Yelp!, or Trip Advisor. Sometimes the most powerful way to express thanks is immaterial.

Our tours start on schedule.  Grave Line guides are at the meeting point to check you in twenty minutes before each tour begins.  We strongly advise you to allow PLENTY of time to get to the meeting point and to find parking.  Los Angeles is big and traffic can be really bad here.  Avoid being late for the tour: allow PLENTY of time.  PLENTY.  It is unfortunately impossible for us to provide individual directions for guests who are struggling to find the meeting point or for us to disrupt the tour guide with a call once the tour has begun.  So please lovely Grave Line passenger, be forewarned: there is simply no way to join the tour other than on time at the initial meeting point.  Did we mention you will need to allow PLENTY of time because of Los Angeles traffic and unforeseen circumstances?  Heed our warning and don’t miss your tour!  We cannot offer refunds to those who miss their departure.  

No. Grave Line limos are designed for passenger transport only so unfortunately we cannot accommodate luggage or strollers (only caskets and corpses). 

Which guide do you have?

Absolutely. You may reserve the entire limo for your group (limit 8 passengers) but our drivers are limited to the stops prescribed by our tours only.  The Grave Line limos are classic cars specially restored for our tours.  No outside food or beverages will be permitted in the Grave Line limos.  Thank you for respecting our unique vehicles, we do not want them haunted by crumbs, mysterious stains or chalk outlines. Visit our private bookings page for more information.

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